Power Distribution Module (PDM)

Brief Description

Power Distribution Module (PDM) is to supply electrical power to the subsystems and payloads of the satellite and to prevent the overload of the main power bus.

ECSS power interface standard based LCL & RLCL switch design supplies power to your modules. FPGA daughter board with data bus interface. Transmit unregulated 24 ~ 40V Bus.

Key Features
  • 10 LCL outputs up to 4 A
  • 2 high power LCL outputs up to 10 A
  • 1 RLCL up to 2 A, power-cyclable, with manual reset for added functionality
  • High reliability: each LCL is 20 FIT
  • Power cyclable FPGA for latch-up recovery
  • Full voltage, current, switch status telemetry
  • Maximum power transmission: 2000 W

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