On-Board Computer (OBC)

Brief Description

Based on a dual-core LEON3-FT, our On-Board Computer (OBC) provides exceptional processing power and data communication via multiple data buses.

Designed to provide reliable data handling and platform control for advanced LEO satellites, the OBC is a radiation tolerant design with high availability achieved through On-board Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR).

Key Features
  • GR712RC with Dual-Core LEON3-FT Sparc V8 Processor (Up to 80 MHz)
  • RTEMS Real Time Operating System (RTOS)
  • On-board data buses; CAN, SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553B, RS422 UART, PPS
  • Tolerant to Single Event Effects (SEE) in operation and storage
  • Available in dual redundant hot/warm configuration
  • Companion FPGA module for AES-256 encryption of TTC link

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