O&M Support

ST Engineering Satellite Systems (SatSys) provides training and knowledge transfer to authorized personnel who can then perform interim inspections and monitoring on all satellites and ground stations. This helps customers keep the satellites and ground stations in top condition and maintain the needed uptime. SatSys will also perform monthly surveillance monitoring of the satellites and ground stations to identify issues. Our highly proficient experts, will notify the customer and take prompt action to analyse, verify the remedy actions and fix identified issues.

  • Perform functional tests on all key satellite subsystems yearly
  • Perform corrective maintenance tasks where necessary
  • Train and transfer basic maintenance knowledge to authorised personnel
  • Set-up maintenance windows and return visits as required
  • Deliver detailed, quarterly reports detailing all issues & actions done
  • Provide additional software fixes or replacement modules as required


  • Prolonged satellite and ground stations life
  • Increased return-on-investment
  • Remediation of preventable issues minimising outage and degradation
  • All services are provided by SatSys engineers who built the satellites and ground stations software


Test Facility Services

In ST Engineering Satellite Systems, our test facility & services are developed for supporting intensive and stringent test requirements of space applications. Our test facility is available to serve the needs of outside organisations and our experience in satellite development and testing has made us an ideal partner to work with you to meet your challenging space product/system test needs. We cover the following test services in our Class 100k (ISO8) facility that is able to accommodate verification demands for modules up to micro-satellite systems.

  • Environmental Stress Screening Test
  • Qualification Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Thermal Vacuum Test
  • Bake-Out Services


Mission Studies

Our experience and expertise in Space Solution Design, Development and Operation allows us to provide Concept and Mission Studies as a service to our customers who are looking for possible space solutions that give them an edge above their competitors.

  • Very Low-Earth Orbit small satellite platforms
  • Satellite constellation applications
  • Reliable very small satellites
  • New satellite payload applications

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